There are several legends surrounding the create of Salt Water Taffy - the most persistent of which concerns a young candymaker from Atlantic City, New Jersey, circa 1883.


Our young hero was then proprietor of a small candy stand on the famous old Boardwalk - then but a couple f steps above the sandy beach.


One night, the elements conspired to raise an abnormally turbulent surf, the spray from which rained down upon the small establishment, sparingly dampening the young merchant's supply of taffy, the following morn, our young man was much chagrined to find his taffy in "dewy" condition, but before he had time to replace his stock, a little miss appeared requesting a penny's worth of taffy. In a sardonic rejoiner, he said "You mean Salt Water Taffy?"


Unmindful of his remark, the child immediately began munching the confection, and his surprise, showed extraordinary delight in its taste, whereupon he gingerly sampled a piece of the taffy himself and discovered that the slight salt coating greatly enhanced the delicate flavor of the candy.


Thus - by happy mischance - a great new depth of taste was added to an otherwise bland and possibly over-sweet candy...and Salt Water Taffy entered into the annals of American folklore.


Today, Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy Company is one of the last authentic taffy kitchens in the East. Here you can watch the candymakers working their 50 pound loaves of taffy onto the pulling machines...see it pulled and stretched and decorated...and finally cut and wrapped by old-fashioned hand-fed machines. It's a truly fascinating process and the only way in which the velvety smooth texture and delicious flavor can be obtained.


And perhaps the most fun of all - at the Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy Kitchen, you can fill your own box from the rainbow display of 30 different delicious flavors - all made from the original, home recipe which has made Cape Cod's own Mermaid Brand Salt Water Taffy kisses the finest there are. You'll love it!


Enjoy them while you're here - take several boxes home for your family and friends!

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